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You Are My People

This has been a busy and exhausting week for me with school and school assignments, fic and blog chores, and I'm afraid I've fallen behind in everything. I will catch up, but it will take me a few more days to do so, and I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

There's little specific news of Leo right now. He's fully healed from his neutering surgery, and enjoying the late summer/early fall days. Leslie has her hands full at the moment, having just finished a team training, with a litter of puppies due any moment now, and with another team training scheduled for mid-October.

So, this week's post is about the realization I came to talking with my bestie on the phone recently. You are my people, y'all are my peeps and I fit here! I FINALLY fit somewhere, squeeeeee!

What If You Don't Raise the Money?

Hi. *shy waves*

I hope you've checked out the Wish & Gift List post to see the updated graph of funds raised, and all the additions to betas available and authors writing for the compilation. Tkegl is now only available until the end of the month, so if you want one of her stellar banners, get your donation in by September 30th! Special shout out to @sexilexicullen for spreading the word far and wide, especially on Facebook, and for making a Twibbon you can add to your twitter avi by clicking here. As the word spreads, donations poured in, so if you visit a forum, a blog or some other place, please consider sharing this campaign with others. Thank you!

Now, onto a couple of related things.

I was asked recently by two different friends the dreaded questions: "What if you don't raise the money? What happens to Leo?"

Puppy Raisers Needed!

A little business first – current donation total is $1856, woo hoooo! And there are now twelve authors signed on for the compilation,  four top-flight betas offering one-shot services, and Tkegl still has some banners available, too! By next Thursday, there will be a new section under Leo's World that will include our detailed wish list needs, a graph showing dollars raised/still needed, and all the premiums available to you when you donate! I'm such a nerd, I'm actually excited about getting all that up for you, squee!

Oh, and I'm learning about all this bloggy stuff – I now have some affiliations! (and hope to have more soon!) Plus, there are avi's/blog buttons over there in the left hand column in case you want to show off your support on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever :-D

Now, on to the juicy stuff. In a recent conversation, a friend asked about how she might get involved in supporting service dog partnership in a different way – as a puppy raiser. What is a puppy raiser you ask? It's an individual (or couple, or family) that takes on the task of raising a puppy that will one day (hopefully) become a dog partner for someone like me.

All's Quiet in Leo's World

Hello again!

Happy Thursday. I hope all who read this are warm, safe, dry, and well fed. Hurricane Irene has been quite a disruption in so many lives :-(

So, this has been a quiet week in Leo’s world. He was neutered yesterday and came through with flying colors. He'll be kept crated to restrict his activity level for the next several days while he heals. According to Leslie (our trainer), he was acting like the horny teenaged boy he is — interested in anything on four legs, lol. He should settle into training more now and be able to relax and focus better without all the hormonally driven distraction.

Donations were off this week as well, which didn’t surprise me at all. To date, we’ve raised $1,685, which is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Truly, I’m so very, very grateful for every dollar! There are now five authors writing for this cause — Anais Mark, Bella Flan, eddibell69, just duckie, and Sebastien Robichaud. The compilation will go to all donors. Tkegl still has banners available for a donation of $25 a piece, and Bella Flan is offering her stellar beta services for a one-shot to the next donor of $50 to claim her. Jeez, I feel like a public radio or tv station during pledge time! Ha ha ha ha ha! :-D


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