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A Taste of Team Training (Videos & Pictures)

Team Training is officially over and we've graduated. YAY!!!

Now, we're headed south by train to San Diego and ComicCon — the ultimate test and solo flight of our fledgling work together. Eeep!

Below is a selection of videos and pictures capturing our later days here at Team Training. My apologies for not keeping up a bit better. It's been grueling and exhausting, and I only just had time last night to look through everything.

So, without further ado:

At the quietest mall ever

How we go up stairs

How we go down stairs

Watching a movie at the hotel

Navigating a 4th of July festival crowd

Arriving at the Oregon Coast Aquarium
(Bonus points for those who spot the special guest star)

Beautiful, sunny, crowded day at the Aquarium

Down a steep ramp to the loose sandy beach

Walking alone along the packed sand with confidence for the first time in forever!

And the best part of all — bed hugs!!!!


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