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Hi! Welcome to my Author's Blog

It's still a bit of a work in progress, but it's almost there, lol!

Mostly what's here at the moment are my stories (look for the tab in the upper right of your screen). The gallery of lovely banners are actually links! Cool, huh? Have to give credit to the Wayward Girl for that one. She rocks!

I've got a few other posts to write, eventually. Just getting this together, up, looking right and working well has taken all the time I have to give at the moment.

Please check out Foxy Fics (over there on the left). It's a fundraising compilation for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and donations are accepted at least through the end of March. By popular demand, I expanded I Burn for You Gladly by one chapter for this cause. Chapter 2 is ONLY available in this compilation, though there is a teaser to whet your appetite posted under My Stories (above).

I am also a contributor to the FGB Autism Research coming in April 2011. The stand alone one shot will also ONLY be available in this compilation. Teaser will be posted soon.

My request to you is that you don't share fundraising compilations with others who have not made a contribution to that cause. Doing so ensures much needed and hard to come by donations are made in support of these organizations.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting!

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