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Cosby Struttin' His Stuff


Review of ADVANCED WORK: Positioning skills with a high level of distraction
Notice his beautiful concentration doesn't waver despite the cacophony surrounding him, nor does his tail stop wagging the entire time. Clearly he loves it!

(The dogs are barking in the background because they're eager to work, earning clicks and treats!)

When I went up to visit in February, Cosby was just starting his platform training and looked very much like Leo does in his first training videos I posted last week. It's exciting to see how much he's learned in such a short time! Leo will be following in his paw steps very soon :-D


{ Elletee } at: September 1, 2011 at 5:17 AM said...

Thank you Mal. Fascinating again.

So another question..... what is the treat that Leo gets for doing the right thing?

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