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Donations will only be accepted until November 15, 2011
at midnight PST.

Since mid-August or so, I've been making posts and running a fundraiser here to support my efforts in acquiring a successor service dog. Peter was my faithful working partner for nearly 3 years before he was unexpectedly removed from service by the organization that placed him (and retained legal ownership) well over a year ago now. I was completely devastated, and began trying to obtain his successor immediately. Since many of you may be coming here for the first time, I've attempted to coalesce information that is in several places on this blog into one place to bring you up to speed, so to speak.

So, from my very first post:
Some of you know, but most of you don’t, that I’ve been working to overcome injuries from a workplace accident that left me disabled over 6 years ago. I fell down the stairs (not something I recommend) and the trauma of falling triggered CRPS (click here for info) and a mild TBI (click here for info) both of which trigger depression, so I have physical, emotional, and neurological disabilities. I’m in graduate school learning a new profession with the hope of remaining self-sufficient.

This is where you come in. Obtaining a service dog is an expensive proposition. The dog, training, equipment, team training and all the expenses that come along with traveling and staying in Oregon for 3 weeks really add up. While I’m incredibly lucky that an anonymous benefactor stepped up to cover $8,000 of the approximate $13,600 base cost, that still leaves $5,600 I need to raise. (More means I'll get to go meet and visit him during his training period, and that would be so very awesome!)

I know things are tight all over, so if all you can do is spread the word, no worries, that’s very valuable, too! The more, the merrier! Please feel free to pass the link to my blog to anyone at all you think might be interested/willing/available to assist or support in any way. Thank you!
From the "Gift and Wish List" post, here are the details of the compilation:
~ Every donation – no matter how large or small – will receive a compilation of one-shots, outtakes, and/or short stories from the following list of authors:
  • AgoodWITCHTill I Come Marching Home, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Alby MangrovesThe Goth King of UW, a new Edward/Garrett one-shot
  • Anais MarkEating In, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Bella Flan — alternate ending to Stigmata Tomato entitled Kill Phil
  • CharliDenae Beneath the Scars, a new Alice/Jasper one-shot 
  • C. Valentina Dunn — an original short fiction entitled The One Percent
  • DeJean Smith — a new Liriope outtake, From the Journal of Liriope M. Hermitage, from Evermore Experience
  • DontRunPlease Don't Leave Me, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • DuskwatcherWorth It, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • eddiebell69 Love, Madness, and Music, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Exquisite EdwardDark Descent, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • javamomma0921 — an original short fiction entitled The Selkie's Bride
  • just duckie Fuzzy Logic, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • kitkat681 — a new Bella/Edward/Jasper outtake from Choices
  • Lady Gwynedd Selfless, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Lady TazzDirty Money, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Mina RiveraIt Isn't Over, prologue to a new post-BD story featuring Tanya 
  • Morgan Locklear — a new Edward & Jasper episode from Cockeyed Optimist
  • Morgan Phoenix — a new Bella/Edward outtake from Moving Violations
  • Mrs. The King — a new Bella/Edward epilogue from Late Night with Aro
  • MsKathyUnfolding the Pages, a new Bella/Edward one-shot 
  • SaritaDreaming Red Kryptonite, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Savage7289 — a new Esme Platt/Edward Masen outtake, Play By Play, from Offside
  • sexilexicullen — a new Bella/Edward outtake, Coming Home, from Quiet Storm
  • Sebastien Robichaud a new BxE outtake, In the Shadow of the Prado, from The Ice Queen and Mr McCarty
  • SqueakyZorroDetente, a new Rosealie/Edward one-shot
  • tufano79a new BxE outtake, Attack of the Killer Lube... It's Coming to GET YOU!, from A Nerd Story of Love
  • wmr1601 More Than My Own Life, a new Bella/Edward one-shot 
  • writingbabeLate, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • yellowglue Grey Skies and Light Fading, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
To read teasers for these stories, please click on the "Contributing Authors" button at the top of this page or click here. The compilation will be emailed to donors beginning November 16, 2011 (donations close November 15, 2011).
Custom banners, desktop wallpapers, and beta services are still available to donors. Fallanydeeper is offering a custom banner or desktop wallpaper for each donation of $25 or more, and betas afmtoo, HollettLA, lulabelle98, Marly580, Perry Maxwell, SaritaDreaming, Songster, SqueakyZorro, SueBee0619, and wmr1601 are still up for grabs for beta service on a one-shot for a donation of $50 or more. Click here to view individual beta qualifications.

We have a new highly limited donation premium available just in time for the holidays. Wendy (aka Mingo) is offering personally customized template-based holiday photo e-cards for a donation of $35 or more, as well as completely custom designed and created holiday e-cards for a donation of $50 or more. There are only 6 of the template-based and 2 of the fully custom e-cards available to donors in total. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed and the digital file will be delivered by December 1st to allow time for traditional printing if you so desire. To see samples of Wendy's work, please click here.

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