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Yes, I am still writing fic, lol. It's been such a busy time and I must admit to being complete review reply fail. Please forgive me. I do read and cherish each one, and hope to catch up one day soon (or at least before the end of the year!)

I'm up for author auction in The Fandom Gives Back!!!  
You only have until November 23rd at midnight EST to make a bid via the comments. C'mon, you know you want me to write something just for you! (Please save me from Alby, she wants to make me write slash!)

Here's what else is going on with me on the writing front:
Firstly, I have an entry in the Season of Our Discontent Anonymous Angst Contest. There are lots of entries just waiting for you to read and review, more arriving almost daily. Public voting runs from November 25 - December 10. I hope you'll find some things here to love (maybe even mine!)

Next, Alby Mangroves and I have ventured into a collaboration together. We're penning a story for Beyond the Pale 2 entitled A Crown of Asphodels. Our joint penname is Mal and Alby, and you can find our collab profile here. We're still writing, so put Mal and Alby on author alert — we don't want you to miss out on all the good stuff! Public voting runs from November 28 - December 12.

Also, I am entering each round of The Canon Tour. New Moon is the upcoming round in December. Lots of good canon and slightly AU entries each time. I hope you read, vote, and enjoy!

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